New Hitman: World of Assassination Trailer Honors Biggest Update Yet

New Hitman: World of Assassination Trailer Honors Biggest Update Yet

Hitman 3 is being rebranded as Hitman: World of Assassination and developer Io Interactive is commemorating the occasion with a brand-new launch video. The long-awaited transition to a genuine content platform holding all of the current Hitman trilogy’s material is further emphasised with the debut of the game’s rogue-lite Freelancer Mode, which provides players with a truly open-ended murder sandbox.

Io Interactive has planned a fairly thorough send-off for its most enduring brand, Hitman, as it moves on to create the next James Bond video game. Following its 2016 rebirth, Hitman has received substantial popularity and critical acclaim, and although the developer seems to be ready to move on from the IP for the time being, there’s much for everyone to enjoy in the new World of Assassination.



The fact that Hitman 3 will get a major content update in early 2023 has been known for some time, but Io Interactive stunned its player base when it declared that the planned modifications would be considerably more significant than previously thought. The newest teaser from Io Interactive emphasises the re-branded Hitman 3’s main selling point: it practically integrates the whole new Hitman trilogy into one enormous bundle. Fans can now dive deeply into Freelancer Mode, which produces randomised one-off scenarios for practically limitless replayability.

As previously announced with the announcement of Hitman 3’s official rebranding, all owners of the newest game in the trilogy now have access to almost all of the material contained in Hitman and Hitman 2 titles from 2016 and 2018, respectively. The two older titles will thereafter be withdrawn from sale, however, it’s worth noting that this does not include the games’ respective DLCs, which will remain available for people who wish to enhance their experience even further.

Veteran players will have previously had access to Hitman and Hitman 2 material in Hitman 3, but now that World of Assassination is available, they have something to look forward to the aforementioned randomly generated Hitman Freelancer Mode. This unique post-campaign feature provides Agent 47 with an upgradeable safehouse from which he may operate freely, and the mode highlights the franchise’s best aspects with permanent advancement mechanisms and unlockables.

By now, it should be obvious that the recently renamed Hitman: World of Assassination is one of the greatest stealth games ever made. The latest release may be bittersweet for some since it seems that the game will soon cease getting its continuous supply of brand-new content updates. Io Interactive has yet to announce that it will devote all of its resources to the future 007 games, but it seems that the new Hitman trilogy is nearing completion.