Netflix is getting a live-action film and an animated series based on Gears of War

Netflix is getting a live-action film and an animated series based on Gears of War

One of the Xbox’s most well-known titles is now part of Netflix’s expanding library of video game adaptations. The streaming service is collaborating with series creator The Coalition to create a live-action Gears of War film. There are no specifics on the cast, premise, or release date, but Netflix is hinting at an adult animated programme and “additional tales.”

The Locust, an aggressive creature that has almost destroyed human civilisation, is the focus of the series. The original Gears of War trilogy focuses on grizzled veteran Marcus Fenix, while subsequent games and spinoffs have centred on his son JD, frequent comrade Baird, and rebel-turned-soldier Kait.



The time is perfect. The Coalition will not reveal their next game for some time. The Netflix films allow the Microsoft-owned company to keep Gears of War in the spotlight while also rekindling enthusiasm among players who remember chainsawing Locust drones. This is also part of Microsoft’s response to Sony’s expanding big-screen aspirations, which now include Horizon and God of War series, as well as films like Uncharted.

As usual, the issue is whether or not the game collection transfers well to a linear video format. While there have been occasional triumphs with game-based programmes, such as Netflix’s League of Legends series, these projects do not have a good reputation — even the Halo adaption received mixed reviews. It’s still too early to tell how Gears of War will perform, but there will be plenty of hurdles ahead.

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