NBA 2K24 Joins Overwatch 2 at the Bottom of Steam's Review List

NBA 2K24 Joins Overwatch 2 at the Bottom of Steam’s Review List

Reviews reflect the frustration of players who feel shortchanged. One user review succinctly states, “No next-gen, no MyCareer story, no MyTeam auction house.” Another review laments the recurrent theme of subpar PC releases in the NBA 2K series, saying, “It’s pretty obvious that 2K doesn’t care about PC players. Despite both generations of the game being coded and made on a PC every year, we are still given last-gen for the 4th time in a row.”

Additional complaints revolve around the lack of polish in the game, with players reporting frequent crashes on Steam. Furthermore, the fact that NBA 2K24 is based on the last-gen version means that it lacks an up-to-date anti-cheat system, leaving the PC version vulnerable to hackers and cheaters.