NASA's Message in a Bottle: Your Name on a Journey to Jupiter's Moon, Europa!

NASA’s Message in a Bottle: Your Name on a Journey to Jupiter’s Moon, Europa!

NASA’s kicking off an epic campaign called “Message in a Bottle,” and they’re throwing open the doors for you to submit your name to be engraved on a microchip destined for Jupiter’s moon, Europa.

Picture this: Next year, the Europa Clipper spacecraft is embarking on a mind-boggling 1.8 billion-mile journey to that icy moon. Its mission? To explore whether the conditions there are just right for life. This spacecraft is going to be doing some cosmic ballet around Europa, swooping in for multiple flybys to give us an up-close peek at what’s beneath that icy surface – they suspect there’s a whole ocean of water down there.

Your name could be riding shotgun on that mission! NASA’s collecting signatures to engrave onto a microchip that’s hitching a ride on the Europa Clipper. And it’s not just names – there’s a touch of art and poetry to this space adventure. The microchip carries a poem by the US Poet Laureate Ada Limón, and your signature gets to join this celestial literary journey.

Over a million folks have already signed up, but you’ve still got a shot! The Message in a Bottle is open for signatures until the stroke of midnight on December 31. Don’t miss your chance to make history – head over to NASA’s website, sign your name, and let’s send a piece of humanity on an intergalactic journey.