Latest Chrome update brings in memory saver tweaks and tab group changes

Google’s trusty Chrome browser just got some handy new tricks in its latest upgrade that should please both security-minded users and those looking for smoother performance.

First up, Chrome’s built-in Safety Check feature is getting more proactive. Like an attentive personal assistant, it will now automatically run checks in the background without any work on your part. If it notices your passwords have been compromised or extensions are questionable, it’ll politely send an alert at the top of your browser window suggesting you take action. Safety Check can even spring clean outdated permissions and curb noisy notification spam from sites you hardly use.

For anyone juggling countless tabs, the updated Memory Saver, which frees up memory hogged by stagnant tabs, now makes it super simple to pin your must-stay-open sites. You’ll find the new options conveniently tucked away in Chrome’s Performance section.


Latest Chrome update brings in memory saver tweaks and tab group changes


And speaking of tabs, Chrome will finally allow savvy users like you to save tab groups to revisit with just one click at a later time. So if you regularly juggle projects requiring bundles of tabs, you can neatly tuck away research for that blog post draft without losing your place.

With the latest Chrome build emphasizing both security and slick performance upgrades, your web surfing is sure to feel safer and smoother. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as the improvements continue rolling out.