MSI’s Latest RTX 40 Series Laptop Lineup Now Available in the Middle East

MSI has launched its latest laptop models featuring the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs and up to 13th Gen Intel Core HX series processors. The newly designed Stealth 16 Studio and Stealth 14 Studio come with an eye-catching pure white and star blue color design, while the Titan GT series and Raider GE series provide extreme performance for gaming. MSI’s new model for everyday gaming, Cyborg 15, offers an aesthetic glass-fibre translucent chassis design.

The Creator Z17 HX Studio offers the Vapor Chamber Cooler thermal design for the most potent HX creator laptop in the market. Additionally, MSI announced the all-new Prestige 13 Evo and the Prestige 16 Studio, as well as new color options for its Modern Series. The new MSI laptop series is available for pre-order in the Middle East and Africa.

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