More Persona Remakes Currently in Development

More Persona Remakes Currently in Development

The acclaimed Persona role-playing game series looks set for a major revival, judging by recent reports from a reputable industry insider. This informant suggests development is already underway on full remakes of both Persona 2 and Persona 4. If true, it signals Atlus plans to revisit several of its most cherished classics on modern platforms.

The leaks come on the heels of Persona 3 Portable’s relaunch as Persona 3 Reload just last week. Critics and fans alike have celebrated Reload as a long-overdue overhaul for the 2007 classic. Its success sparked hope that other earlier entries might also get their chance to shine anew.

Of those, Persona 2 and Persona 4 rank among fans’ most frequent requests. Persona 2 originally released as two interconnected titles on PlayStation 1. While innovating the series’ storytelling and themes, their antiquated mechanics have aged poorly. Persona 4 garnered acclaim in 2008 for advancing the formula. Yet its visuals and systems pale next to contemporary standards.

This is where Atlus’ alleged remakes enter the equation. Renowned series leaker “Midori” casually claimed both projects already exist at Atlus. They provided no further details, but their track record lends credibility. Midori has accurately leaked myriad Persona tidbits since October 2022 without a single disproven claim. Some even speculate Atlus coordinates with them directly.

If Persona 2 and 4 remakes are indeed in development, targeted releases likely won’t come before the hotly anticipated Persona 6. Midori reiterates it’s tracking toward a 2025 launch. How Atlus chooses to unveil these remakes remains uncertain.

While potential Persona 2 mechanics modernization sparks excitement, its narrative and style still hold tremendous appeal. And an updated, enhanced Persona 4 could introduce its lovable characters to a new generation. For series devotees, these remakes may fulfill long awaited wishes.