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Mobileye Innovation Will Bring AVs to Everyone, Everywhere

Mobileye Innovation Will Bring AVs to Everyone, Everywhere

Mobileye, an Intel Company, previewed the strategy and technology that will enable autonomous vehicles (AV) to fulfill their lifesaving promise globally. During two sessions at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, Mobileye president and chief executive officer Amnon Shashua will explain how Mobileye is set up to win globally in the AV industry. 

The Mobileye Trinity

In describing the trinity of the Mobileye approach, Shashua will explain the importance of delivering a sensing solution that is orders of magnitude more capable than human drivers. He will describe how Mobileye’s technology – including Road Experience Management (REM) mapping technology, rules-based Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS) driving policy, and two separate, truly redundant sensing subsystems based on world-leading camera, radar, and lidar technology – combine to deliver such a solution.


Mobileye Innovation Will Bring AVs to Everyone, Everywhere


Mobileye’s approach solves the scale challenge from both a technology and business perspective. Getting the technology down to an affordable cost in line with the market for future AVs is crucial to enabling global proliferation. Mobileye’s solution starts with the inexpensive camera as the primary sensor combined with a secondary, truly redundant sensing system enabling safety-critical performance that is at least three orders of magnitude safer than humans. Using True Redundancy, Mobileye can validate this level of performance faster and at a lower cost than those who are doing so with a fused system. 

New Radar and Lidar Technology

Shashua explained that the company envisions a future with AVs achieving enhanced radio- and light-based detection-and-ranging sensing, which is key to further raising the bar for road safety. Mobileye and Intel are introducing solutions that will innovatively deliver such advanced capabilities in radar and lidar for AVs while optimizing computing- and cost-efficiencies.  

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Mobileye Innovation Will Bring AVs to Everyone, Everywhere


As described in Shashua’s “Under the Hood” session, Mobileye’s software-defined imaging radar technology with 2304 channels, 100DB dynamic range, and 40 DBc side lobe levels that together enable the radar to build a sensing state good enough for driving policy supporting autonomous driving. 

Worldwide Maps Bring AVs Everywhere

In Monday’s session, Shashua explained the thinking behind Mobileye’s crowdsourced mapping technology. Mobileye’s unique and unprecedented technology can now map the world automatically with nearly 8 million kilometers tracked daily and nearly 1 billion kilometers completed to date. This mapping process differs from other approaches in its attention to semantic details that are crucial to an AV’s ability to understand and contextualize its environment. 

For AVs to realize their life-saving promise, they must proliferate widely and be able to drive almost everywhere. Mobileye’s automated map-making process uses technology deployed on nearly 1 million vehicles already equipped with Mobileye advanced driver-assistance technology. 

To demonstrate the scalable benefits of these automatic AV maps, Mobileye will start driving its AVs in four new countries without sending specialized engineers to those new locations. The company will instead send vehicles to local teams that support Mobileye customers.


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