Microsoft's Upcoming Surface Devices: A Mix of Promise and Relief

Microsoft’s Upcoming Surface Devices: A Mix of Promise and Relief

New leaks suggest that Microsoft is preparing to unveil a range of exciting Surface devices later this year, with a mix of good news and bad news for fans eagerly anticipating the company’s next offerings.

One of the most anticipated updates is the next-generation Surface Go tablet. Contrary to previous reports of an ARM-based processor, it is now rumored to feature an Intel N200 chip specifically designed for compact and affordable devices. This new processor is expected to offer significantly improved performance and energy efficiency compared to the lackluster Intel Core i3-10100Y found in the Surface Go 3. The decision to opt for an Intel CPU comes as a relief for many, as Windows on ARM has faced challenges in the past, and Microsoft’s ARM-based Surface devices have struggled to match the performance of their x86 counterparts.