Microsoft's AI Upgrade: Incorporating OpenAI's GPT for Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint

Microsoft’s AI Upgrade: Incorporating OpenAI’s GPT for Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint

According to reports, Microsoft has been experimenting with incorporating OpenAI’s language AI technology into its Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook programmes. According to The Information, Microsoft has already included an undisclosed version of OpenAI’s text-generating GPT model into Word’s autocomplete function, and has been working on further integrating it into Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Microsoft is said to be leveraging OpenAI’s GPT technology to enhance Outlook search results, allowing users to locate what they’re searching for without needing to use keywords in emails. Microsoft is also believed to have investigated how these AI models may propose email responses or document revisions to enhance Word users’ writing. It’s unclear if Microsoft intends to deploy these capabilities or whether they’re only for testing purposes for the time being.