Microsoft Ditches Dual-Screen Surface Duo 3 for the 'Real Deal' Foldable

Microsoft Ditches Dual-Screen Surface Duo 3 for the ‘Real Deal’ Foldable

It’s no secret that Microsoft’s dual-screen Android phones haven’t exactly set the market on fire. But, it looks like the tech giant is gearing up for a major shakeup in its mobile strategy. According to sources, Microsoft has axed the Surface Duo 3 and is instead focusing on a ‘true’ foldable phone. Not much is known about the device yet, but it’s said to have a 180-degree hinge and an external cover display similar to the Vivo X Fold.

The Surface Duo 3, which was said to have addressed some of its predecessor’s shortcomings, has been finalized but Microsoft has not announced a release date for the foldable phone, indicating that it may not be released in 2023.

In addition to the foldable, Microsoft is apparently exploring other form factors for its Android phones, including prototypes of more conventional smartphones, and has a software initiative called “Perfect Together” which aims to provide better integration between Surface phones and Windows, similar to the integration between iPhones and Macs.

The Surface Duo series has faced challenges in the market due to its high prices, unreliable software, and average performance. However, Microsoft’s pivot to a foldable phone indicates that the company is still committed to Android devices and is not giving up just because its first attempts didn’t gain much traction. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft’s foldable fares in the market, with competition from brands like Samsung and Vivo.

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