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Microsoft Windows 11 Update Expands Passkey Support and Ditches Passwords

Microsoft Introduces Passkey Support with Windows 11 Update, Allowing Users to Access Services with Windows Hello

Passkeys are considered the future of accessing websites and applications as they provide a cross-platform, cross-ecosystem solution. They are based on a pair of cryptographic keys: one stored in the cloud and another on the user’s device, which remains private. When combined, these keys grant access to the desired service.

Passkey support is becoming increasingly popular, with Apple and Google already offering users the ability to log into their accounts using passkeys. Several well-known services, including eBay, PayPal, BestBuy, GitHub, and WhatsApp, also support passkeys.

These passkey technologies adhere to standards established by the FIDO Alliance, particularly FIDO2. This cross-industry association counts many major tech companies and popular password managers among its members.