Jaguar Joins the Charge: Tesla's NACS Chargers to Power Luxury EVs from 2025

Jaguar Joins the Charge: Tesla’s NACS Chargers to Power Luxury EVs from 2025

Jaguar Sets Sights on a Fully Electric Future with Tesla Superchargers

Jaguar, renowned for its luxury vehicles, is embarking on an electrifying journey by joining the ranks of automakers adopting Tesla’s NACS (North American Charging Standard) chargers for its vehicles slated for North American markets, commencing in 2025. In a strategic partnership with Tesla, Jaguar will harness the power of Tesla’s expansive Supercharger network, comprising over 12,000 charging stations, for its existing and future customers using the NACS standard.

A Luxurious EV Transition for Jaguar

Jaguar’s announcement details that its forthcoming luxury electric vehicles, set to make their debut in 2025, will seamlessly incorporate the NACS connector. This integration means that Jaguar customers in the USA, Canada, and Mexico will enjoy effortless charging without the need for adapters. Moreover, Jaguar is committing to adopting the NACS standard across its vehicle lineup and home chargers. For existing Jaguar I-PACE owners, the company will also facilitate access to Tesla adapters once they become available.