Microsoft unveils its next operating system Windows 11 with improved performance

Microsoft today announced that Windows 11, an operating system designed for the world of hybrid work, is now available to businesses and consumers across the region.  

Pre-loaded in select PCs and available through an upgrade of Windows 10, Windows 11 empowers productivity, inspires creativity, and promotes wellbeing in hybrid work environments, by allowing its users to strike a balance between productivity and play.



Windows 11 was built for the hybrid future, with experiences that work how people work. It is the operating system of the new normal, secure by design and simple for IT professionals to deploy and manage. The new OS is a powerhouse of speed, efficiency, and optimised experiences, be they through touch, digital pen, or voice input. Microsoft has included new accessibility options designed by and for people of determination, and a new design and new sounds provide a work environment of calm and ease. Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and Desktops provide more powerful ways to multitask and optimise screen real estate.

The Start feature leverages the power of the cloud to gather all a user’s most recent content in one place, regardless of the devices on which that content was created and last viewed. With Widgets, AI-powered feeds ensure that the most important information is at a user’s fingertips. And Chat from Microsoft Teams is now integrated into the taskbar.

Microsoft believes that, in the new normal, leisure should be a vital part of daily life. Windows 11 is a gaming powerhouse, stocked with the latest technologies, such as DirectX12 Ultimate, DirectStorage, Auto HDR, and Xbox Game Pass, to make sure leisure time is as smooth an experience as focused work. Microsoft Store has been redesigned to make it even easier for people to search and discover their favourite apps and content, in a single, trusted location.