Microsoft introduces 'carbon aware' updates to Xbox consoles to reduce carbon footprint

Microsoft introduces ‘carbon aware’ updates to Xbox consoles to reduce carbon footprint

Furthermore, all Xbox users now have access to Microsoft’s new “Shutdown (energy saving)” option. If you don’t mind lengthier starting times and the loss of the Xbox’s remote wake capabilities, Microsoft claims that the feature may save your console’s battery usage by up to 20 times when compared to leaving it in sleep mode. “We will save the same amount of carbon eliminated by one tree planted and cultivated for a decade for every two consoles that switch to Shutdown (energy conservation) for one year,” Microsoft states.

Separately, the February update includes the ability to prohibit games from altering the backdrop of your Xbox’s home screen. You may now choose your preferred solid colour. You may do so by going to the Settings app’s Personalization section. Microsoft has also collaborated with Google to enable Xbox users to utilise Google’s Home app as a touch control for their console. “You’ll be able to effortlessly switch your console on and off, navigate on-screen, manage media playback, and more when you link your Xbox console to your Google Home app,” Microsoft says. Open the Google Home app on your phone once you’ve received the February update and drag down on the UI to refresh the list of compatible devices. Then, to begin, press the Xbox button.