Mick Schumacher Considers New Challenge with Alpine's WEC Team for 2024

Mick Schumacher Considers New Challenge with Alpine’s WEC Team for 2024

Formula 1 Driver Mick Schumacher Explores Options Beyond F1 in the World Endurance Championship

In contrast to Formula 1, endurance racing requires drivers to share the car, adding an extra layer of complexity. Schumacher found the challenge of maintaining a car’s performance over a 24-hour race particularly intriguing.

Furthermore, he highlighted the differences in driving experience, such as not being able to feel whether the tires are changed. Instead, small lights indicate this information. The sealed cockpit and the unexpected airflow from the cooling system also presented adjustments he had to make.

Schumacher explained, “The biggest change for me was the airflow in the back. There is a cooling system that blows air, which I wasn’t initially prepared for. We used a Le Mans setup on a track where high downforce is the norm, which made the car feel slower and less agile due to its weight of 1,000 kilograms. The presence of traction control also offered a completely different driving experience.”