George Russell Voices Frustrations at Carlos Sainz's Defending Tactics in Mexico

George Russell Voices Frustrations at Carlos Sainz’s Defending Tactics in Mexico

Formula 1 Stewards Take Note as Russell Accuses Sainz of Moving Under Braking

During the Mexican Grand Prix, George Russell found himself engaged in a fierce battle for position, with a potential podium finish in sight. He was closely trailing Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari, eagerly seeking an opportunity to overtake.

Spending 12 intense laps trying to pass the Ferrari, Russell grew increasingly frustrated and didn’t hesitate to express his displeasure over the team radio. He accused Sainz of a dangerous maneuver: moving under braking, a practice frowned upon in Formula 1 due to its potential to cause serious accidents. In response, the race stewards decided to intervene, instructing the teams to warn their drivers before taking further action if such behavior persisted.

Carlos Sainz, however, defended his actions, asserting that he had not violated the rules. He explained, “I was moving once and right before braking, which is within the rules. You cannot move under braking, but you can adjust your position right before braking, and that’s precisely what I did.”