Meta's Next-Gen VR Headset Could Bring Color Pass-Through Video

Meta’s Next-Gen VR Headset Could Bring Color Pass-Through Video

Virtual reality enthusiasts eagerly await the arrival of Meta’s Quest 3 VR headset, set to launch later this year. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently had the opportunity to test a prototype of the device, shedding light on what users can expect and how it will compare to Apple’s upcoming mixed-reality headset. Gurman’s hands-on experience revealed several notable improvements and enhancements over its predecessor, the Quest 2.

The prototype, codenamed Eureka, boasts a lighter and thinner design compared to its predecessor. The head strap has been reinforced and now incorporates fabric on the sides instead of plastic, contributing to a more comfortable and secure fit. However, the most significant update is found in the front of the device, which features an advanced sensor suite. Three vertical pill-shaped sensor areas house two color video pass-through cameras, two standard cameras, and a depth sensor. This substantial upgrade provides enhanced capabilities compared to the Quest 2, eliminating the need for users to designate the boundaries of their play space.