Meta's MusicGen AI Could Revolutionize Music Production

Meta’s MusicGen AI Could Revolutionize Music Production

To enhance the AI’s understanding of musical structure, users can “steer” MusicGen by uploading their own songs. Felix Kreuk, one of the developers behind the LLM, shared samples on his Twitter profile showcasing MusicGen’s ability to take Sebastian Bach’s renowned Toccata and Fugue in D Minor and infuse it with drum beats and 1980s-style synths, resulting in an upbeat rendition of the piece.

MusicGen is currently available to the public on Meta’s Hugging Face website, allowing anyone to try it out. However, it’s worth noting that unlike Google’s AI music generator MusicLM, Meta’s model is limited to instrumental tracks and cannot generate vocals. This limitation is perhaps for the best, as MusicLM’s vocal output resembles Simlish, a fictional language that is unintelligible.