Meta to Host June VR Showcase, Excludes Launch of Oculus Quest 3

Meta to Host June VR Showcase, Excludes Launch of Oculus Quest 3

Meta, the parent company of Oculus, has announced that its upcoming Quest Gaming Showcase will take place on June 1, promising to unveil twice as many games, apps, and updates as it did during the 2022 event. The showcase is an opportunity for Meta and its partners to reveal the VR software they have been working on for their VR headsets – the Oculus Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro.

While some major announcements were made during the previous year’s event, such as new games for the Oculus Quest 2, Meta has confirmed that an Oculus Quest 3 reveal is not expected during the June showcase. However, the company may tease its upcoming headset, but a full-on reveal is more likely to be reserved for Meta Connect 2023, which typically focuses on hardware.

The June showcase will be software-centric, with Meta providing Facebook and YouTube livestream links for viewers to tune in to. Meta has teased that the upcoming event will feature “double the news” of its 2022 showcase, with 24 announcements expected this year.

Meta is expected to reveal updated software for its VR headsets, such as new Walkabout Mini Golf courses, new Beat Saber music packs, and new locations for Gorilla Tag, among other options. Additionally, Meta is likely to give more details about Xbox Game Pass streaming and Microsoft’s Office apps coming to its VR hardware.

The company may also showcase mixed reality games and apps, as the Meta Quest Pro and other mixed reality headsets lack worthwhile mixed reality experiences. A Call of Duty VR announcement is also being rumored, as Meta’s partner Microsoft is in the process of acquiring Activision Blizzard, the owner of Call of Duty. However, it is important to note that this is just speculation, and it is unlikely that such an announcement will be made during the upcoming showcase.

The Quest Gaming Showcase is an opportunity for Meta and its partners to showcase their VR software and attract new players to their platform. Meta is constantly expanding its VR offerings, and the June showcase promises to provide gamers with exciting new updates and announcements.