Meta Connect 2023 Unveils Quest 3, AI Advancements, and Smart Glasses for the Metaverse

In a momentous event marking the 10th anniversary of Connect, Meta CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg shared a glimpse into how artificial intelligence (AI) and metaverse technologies are revolutionizing our experience of both the physical and digital realms. He emphasized the significance of bridging these two worlds seamlessly, as our reality is defined by the fusion of the physical and digital.
Zuckerberg painted a vivid picture of what this future could look like, where virtual experiences become an integral part of our lives. Imagine a customizable home theater that replaces your TV, or gatherings with friends where some are physically present while others are distant avatars, yet the sense of presence remains intact. It’s a vision of meetings where AI avatars assist with various tasks. These possibilities become achievable as our physical and virtual worlds converge with advanced technologies.