Meta Connect 2023 Unveils Quest 3, AI Advancements, and Smart Glasses for the Metaverse


  • Ray-Ban | Meta Smart Glasses Collection: Collaborating with EssilorLuxottica, Meta introduced the next generation of smart glasses. These glasses are designed for seamless connectivity and content capture, enabling users to share experiences effortlessly. They offer live streaming directly to Facebook and Instagram, a feature not seen in previous iterations. Moreover, they come equipped with Meta AI, providing hands-free AI assistance. Future updates will enhance the glasses’ ability to recognize and provide information about the user’s surroundings, such as building names and real-time translations.

The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses collection will launch on October 17, starting at $299 USD, with pre-orders available. Quest 3 will be available for $499.99 USD from October 10, with pre-orders currently open.
The unveiling of these groundbreaking advancements underscores Meta’s commitment to ushering in an era where AI, mixed reality, and smart glasses converge to transform how individuals, businesses, and creators interact with their digital and physical worlds. As the metaverse vision becomes more tangible, Meta continues to innovate, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all.