Nowadays people enjoy traveling but while travelling our main concern is our luggage, the security of our luggage.  So people are introducing smart locks for the safety of our luggages. In this article will see about one such smart lock i.e Marline smart lock.

With the help of Merlin Smart lock you can elevate your travel experience. It offers you hassle free and enhanced security for your luggage. It is too easy to get together everything and install within 10 minutes. Installation involves how to attach smart lock with your bag and then how to connect it phone through Bluetooth. You just mount the Smart Lock on the outside of your bag and secure it.


There is a virtual chain that helps us to connect with our luggage. With the Merlin smart lock attached with your luggage now there is no need to worry about losing your luggage.

Let us see now how does it works? If we see its functionalities we feel that it would be so complicated to install it and to stay connected with it. But no, this isn’t the case here. It is too easy to attach it with your luggage. Simply you need to lock your luggage with the 3-digit dial lock and pair the wireless modules which you get with your smart lock to your Smartphone through Bluetooth. This will help you to stay alerted to your baggage wherever you are.

Smart lock always sends you the alerts whenever you forget to take your luggage or when you left behind. It has been designed by taking the increasingly mobile global traveler into consideration. Whether you are at airport, hotel, train or any other place, smart lock sends you audible alerts to your Smartphone whenever you left behind.


Next what we can see in the Merlin smart lock is that we can track and locate using our phone. Today people are using mostly android and iPhone, so there is one app available named as APPX app on Google Play as well as on Apple App Store. With the help of this app we can track and locate our lost or stolen baggage within a range of 150 feet. The Bluetooth radar help us to show our luggage’s last-know GPS location. The application likewise alarms you when your things appear on the baggage claim. Now you should not have to wait in anticipation for your bags.

Apart from all the features we have seen in the Smart lock there is one extra ordinary feature which we can’t find in any other Smart lock i.e. Selfie Catch. Try not to pass up a great opportunity for those fast selfie minutes. Smart Lock gives you a chance to snap photographs on your cell phone with simply the push of a catch.