Marvel's Avengers Delisted from Digital Storefronts

Marvel’s Avengers Delisted from Digital Storefronts

Game's Active Service Concludes, but Existing Content Stays

Marvel’s Avengers, the live-service superhero action game, has been officially delisted from all digital storefronts, marking the conclusion of its journey since its 2020 launch.

Earlier this year, Crystal Dynamics made an announcement that they would cease support for the live-service superhero game. This decision, made in collaboration with their partners, meant that no new content or features would be added to Marvel’s Avengers in the future.

Those interested in purchasing the game had until September 30 to acquire it, with the developer offering the Definitive Edition at an exceptionally low price across all platforms. This edition included all story expansions, every playable hero, and a vast collection of alternate character outfits.