Mario Kart Tour Unveils 24th Wave of Mii Racing Suits and Teases 25th Wave Release

Soon, Mario Kart Tour will get a brand-new Racing Suit aesthetic, allowing players to further alter the appearance of their playing Mii. This will be the 24th wave of Mii cosmetics published by Mario Kart Tour, the mobile-exclusive edition of Mario Kart.

Since its original release on iOS and Android devices, Mario Kart Tour has grown in popularity, with multiple rounds of cosmetics for various characters playable inside the game. One such playable character is the Mii. Being able to alter the look of their Mii at their leisure drove many players to also desire to change their Racing Suit, which Mario Kart Tour provides via several Mii-only Racing Suits. Mario Kart Tour continues to surprise players with fresh content, and a recent message from the game’s Twitter account reveals to players that the 24th wave of Mii Racing Suits will come shortly.



According to the tweet, the 24th wave of Mii Racing Suits will be available on January 25th, 2023. The wave will consist of a single outfit with the name of Roaring Racer – both a visual and audible homage to the Kart of the same name, which a Mii can be seen riding in the trailer while wearing the Roaring Racer Racing Suit. It is not presently clear how the cosmetic will be gained, however, Mario Kart Tour just got rid of its Gacha elements, indicating the cosmetic may be attainable via normal play or more straightforward microtransactions.

The clip also announced that the 25th wave of Mii Racing Suits would be released on February 8th, 2023. However, little is presently known about the impending cosmetic beyond its silhouette, which can be noticed in the teaser. Through these frequent updates bringing new aesthetic choices for the character type, Mario Kart Tour is keeping Miis alive, and it appears probable there will be many more waves of Mii cosmetics in the very near future.

It is obvious that there won’t be a dearth of material for Mario Kart Tour anytime soon considering how much attention it is receiving, as seen by the most recent Christmas event that featured a new track. With such a vast number of aesthetic choices available, users should have no trouble picking exactly the perfect attire for their Mii.