Man robs convenience store with Nintendo Duck Hunt gun

Man robs convenience store with Nintendo Duck Hunt gun

South Carolina man arrested after allegedly using a classic video game accessory to commit a crime.

A 25-year-old man from South Carolina has been apprehended by police after allegedly robbing a convenience store armed with a Nintendo light gun, a popular accessory primarily used in the 1980s to play classic games such as Duck Hunt, Hogan’s Alley, and Gumshoe. The incident, originally reported by York County deputies, resulted in the suspect making off with $300 in cash.

According to law enforcement officials, the suspect entered the store wearing a mask, wig, and hoodie sweatshirt, brandishing the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Zapper gun accessory. He allegedly waved the modified fake gun at a store clerk, demanding money from the cash register. After successfully completing the robbery, the suspect fled the scene.



Authorities later located the suspect in a Dollar General parking lot nearby, still in possession of the fake pistol concealed in his pants. The original 1984 NES Zapper is well-known for its bright orange and gray color scheme. However, investigators discovered that the suspect had spray-painted the accessory black, presumably to give it the appearance of a functional firearm. The York County Sheriff’s Department shared an image of the altered gaming accessory on its official Twitter account.

The NES Zapper, an iconic light gun accessory that accompanied the Nintendo gaming console, utilized an internal optical sensor to translate trigger presses into on-screen action. While its primary use was for Duck Hunt, it was compatible with a few other titles released during the console’s lifespan.

The use of fake guns in criminal activities is a serious matter that has posed a significant problem for law enforcement for many years. A study conducted by Congress in 1990 found that fake guns were employed in over 15 percent of reported robberies. It is important to note that in most jurisdictions, the use of a fake gun in the commission of a crime carries penalties similar to those associated with real firearms, as the potential for danger and harm to victims is very real. Toy or replica guns can closely resemble real firearms, making the threat indistinguishable. Recognizing this, New York State recently enacted legislation banning toy guns unless they are visibly distinguishable as fake, such as through the use of bright colors.

The arrest of the suspect highlights the need for continued vigilance in addressing the use of replica firearms in criminal acts and underscores the potential risks associated with their possession or use in unlawful activities. Law enforcement agencies and lawmakers continue to work towards effective measures to ensure public safety and reduce the potential for harm stemming from the misuse of such items.