Major Gaming Console Makers Opt Out of E3 2023, Report Suggests

Major Gaming Console Makers Opt Out of E3 2023, Report Suggests

E3, the world’s largest gaming trade event, has been facing several challenges in recent years. From the sudden withdrawal of Sony in 2019 to the cancellation of the event due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2022, E3 has been struggling to stay relevant in the gaming industry. The event was scheduled to return in 2023 in collaboration with the company ReedPop, previously known for organizing PAX, but a recent report from IGN suggests that Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox will not be participating in the event.

Sources quoted in the report cited “ongoing frustrations” with the event’s organizer, the ESA, as well as disagreements with ReedPop’s handling of the event, especially in comparison with previous iterations of PAX. Another source claimed that ReedPop had been in contact with publishers last fall but has failed to provide details since then. Although neither Nintendo, Sony, Xbox, nor the ESA responded to IGN’s request for comment, ReedPop affirmed that it had “worked diligently with ESA members” but acknowledged the lack of transparency on its part.

The diminishing popularity of E3 in recent years has been attributed to the growing trend of digital gaming events and showcases. Nintendo started this trend with the Nintendo Direct, followed by PlayStation and Microsoft with the PlayStation State of Play and the Xbox Developer Direct. However, the continued popularity of these digital events does not necessarily mean that E3 is no longer relevant to these companies. Nintendo and Microsoft have continued to make appearances at the event, and the upcoming Xbox Summer Showcase is believed to be taking place in conjunction with E3 2023.

Despite the challenges faced by E3, it is unlikely that the event will be fully neglected in the near future. Whether E3 continues to be held in person or becomes fully digital, it remains a significant platform for gaming companies to showcase their upcoming products and services to the world. E3 2023 will take place from June 13-16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and the gaming industry is looking forward to the event to bring some much-needed excitement and anticipation to the world of gaming.

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