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Lost Ark & The Witcher: Unveiling More Crossover Secrets

The popular Korean MMO Lost Ark’s creator shares further details about the game’s forthcoming crossover with The Witcher. The crossover event begins tomorrow and will include a slew of new The Witcher-related content.

Lost Ark, a free-to-play MMO, debuted in Korea in 2019 before expanding to other countries in early 2022. It went on to become the breakthrough hit MMO of that year, despite some criticism of the western release’s high number of bot accounts. According to MMO Populations, Lost Ark has a good Metacritic score of 81 and sees an average of over 1.5 million players every day.

On January 10, Lost Ark released a teaser for their The Witcher crossover. Players will journey to a lovely island where a mysterious vortex appears unexpectedly, disrupting the celebration. As players accomplish objectives and discover the island’s secrets, they will join forces with The Witcher characters such as Geralt, Ciri, Dandelion, Yennefer, and Triss. The event contains new Daily and Story Quests, as well as new Witcher-inspired Potions, two new Jukebox tunes, a new Card Set featuring five Witcher characters, a Stronghold structure, Emoticons, Selfie Stickers, and a Title. New Geralt and Ciri skins are also available in Lost Ark’s in-game shop.



After a few hours of downtime, the event will go live on January 18 at 12 a.m. Pacific/3 a.m. Eastern. The shutdown is expected to last four hours, following which Lost Ark’s The Witcher crossover will continue until February 22. That offers Lost Ark gamers plenty of time to explore all of The Witcher’s new limited-time features. They may begin their journey with Geralt and his companions by meeting with the Guild Investigator in a large city. It should be noted that new Lost Ark players must have finished the Main Story Quest “Set Sail” before they may travel between Islands.

The Witcher crossover event debuts with a new update that includes a number of quality-of-life enhancements. These include significant changes to the Guild system in Lost Ark. Players may put money into their Guild and be paid weekly depending on their efforts. There are also three new Guild Research Options and three new Guild Skills in the game. Other Guild enhancements include adjustments to the Mercenary System and Raid Matches, updates to PVP rankings, and two new PVP Island Sieges.

Lost Ark is also receiving a slew of additional tweaks and enhancements, such as adjustments to the Quest System and more. The entire patch notes and information on the new content can be found on the game’s website.