Lord of Wolves gets another tweak in Destiny 2 Update

Lord of Wolves gets another tweak in Destiny 2 Update

The patch notes for this week’s Destiny 2 update show that it’s largely focused on an Exotic weapon that has just received some substantial reworking. For once, we’re not discussing Telesto. Lord of Wolves was briefly removed from the game a few weeks ago when Bungie determined that it was causing significantly more damage than was anticipated.

When active, the strong shotgun has a perk that enables it to auto-fire a narrow spread of slugs, which has been fine-tuned to be more balanced in PvP activities. A 25% universal base damage benefit was removed and replaced with a 40% PvE buff, resulting in a large reduction in the gun’s ADS accuracy penalty. That solution, however, was only temporary, as Bungie discovered that Lord of Wolves was still inflicting too much damage on top of its Release the Wolves perk.

This problem has been repaired in this week’s patch, as has another fault with the additional 20% benefit to aim to assist fall-off not being removed from the Rangefinder ability on the shotgun. This is just one of the numerous ongoing weapon overhauls in Destiny 2, as a recent mid-season patch saw a broad range of weapon archetypes scrutinized and fine-tuned.

Other details in the patch notes include how a dungeon problem was affecting Triumphs and how a small shader fault in the Eververse shop has been resolved. The Season of Plunder plotline has started to wind down, and for the time being, the major activity is the Halloween-themed Festival of the Lost, which will finish on November 8. Season 19 will begin on December 6 and will end on February 28 with the release of the Lightfall expansion.

More Destiny 2 content can be found here, including all of the current pirate-themed season’s challenges, a tutorial on how to kill the hazardous Champions hiding in high-level activities, and a Titan who accomplished a Master Nightfall strike without using any directional keys.

Dungeons and raids

  • Fixed an issue where the description for dungeon solo perfect Triumphs was inaccurate.
  • It is now clear that players must complete it in a single activity session.
  • Note: This has always been the norm for all flawless-related Triumphs, although it was not expressly stated in these Triumphs until now.


  • Fixed a bug in which Lord of Wolves increased ability damage on top of its own.
  • Fixed an issue in Rangefinder where the additional 20% boost to aim assist fall off was not eliminated.


  • Fixed an issue in Collections where the Angel’s Gleam and Flower Child shaders had incorrect sources displayed.
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