LG StanByMe

LG StanbyME Go: A Portable 27-Inch Tablet with Stylish Suitcase

In a market saturated with tough tempered glass and protective cases, LG has taken smartphone and tablet protection to a whole new level. Introducing the StanbyME Go, a portable display that comes conveniently built into its own traveling case. While the product listing is currently available only on LG’s Korean website, we have gathered information from translations and specifications to bring you the details.

The StanbyME Go stands out immediately due to its size. The display itself measures approximately 26 inches diagonally, excluding the bezel, providing users with a generous viewing area. When fully opened, the setup measures nearly 30 inches in height and 26 inches in width, while the closed suitcase dimensions come to roughly 26 x 17 x 4.5 inches. However, with a weight of around 30 lbs, the StanbyME Go does have a considerable heft.

One of the key features of the StanbyME Go is its versatility. It offers three separate configurations to suit different needs. Users can prop up the arm to have the display stand horizontally in landscape mode or rotate it vertically for a portrait view. The third configuration, table mode, allows the screen to lay flat within its case, making it suitable for activities like playing chess or using a record player app. Opening the case powers on the display, while closing it turns it off.