LG Gram+view is launching in Dubai in June

LG Gram+view is launching in Dubai in June

LG soundbars are ideal for summer movie nights or family gatherings at home. They are outfitted with the most recent home theatre sound technology, including ambient surround sound and simple Bluetooth connectivity. The LG Sound Bar has a 7.1.4 ch output and an embedded wireless up-firing rear speaker, which produces an immersive sound regardless of what is being played. Furthermore, the 192kHz sampling rate and 24bit depth produce a more accurate sound and a more enjoyable listening experience for all. Finally, the sound bar’s simple setup makes it appealing to all types of audiophiles.

Expansive Portable Monitor and Premium Display

Whether working on multiple tasks at once or focusing on just one on a large scale, having more space to work on can boost productivity. The LG Gram +view portable 16-inch monitor with a 16:10 aspect ratio expands screen capabilities and makes the digital workspace useful for any type of work, study, or entertainment. The screen can be easily shared with colleagues in a meeting or with classmates in the classroom. It is placed next to the LG Gram 16 laptop and offers a 32:10 aspect ratio IPS canvas to meet the diverse needs of users. This allows them to see every detail without having to scroll or enlarge the screen, allowing them to get the most out of the experience. The premium display’s WQXGA high resolution and DCI PC 99 percent wide color gamut provides an immersive visual experience that allows users to enjoy vivid colors with lifelike clarity.

Enhance Multitasking

The LG Gram +view is intended to meet all of the requirements of today’s multitaskers. The auto-rotate display allows users to position a monitor horizontally or vertically, allowing them to easily switch from one activity to another and benefit from a different perspective. When users require more control over their work, they can customize the device with effective on-screen controls, such as split-screen and monitor settings designed to keep them focused. Furthermore, the anti-glare IPS display reduces reflections that can distract users, allowing them to work from anywhere, regardless of lighting conditions.

Lightweight and Compact for Better Mobility

Portability is essential for leading a mobile lifestyle and getting things done anywhere. Without a detachable cover, the LG gram 16 and LG gram+view weigh less than 2kg. The LG gram +view delivers a seamless look and allows users to easily carry and use it in any environment without sacrificing performance by combining sleek design and ultra-lightweight form. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about connecting devices because the LG gram +view can be seamlessly connected with a laptop via USB Type-CTM ports on both sides of the monitor.

Local Availability

The LG gram +view will be available in the UAE in June at a starting price of 1099 AED.