LG G4 Review

LG G4 Review

Coming to the Video capture capabilities of the G4, I am happy to tell you that the G4 is well equipped in this segment as well. The device tops off at 2160p recording @ 30 fps. As a top up, you also get a slow-mo mode which records 720p @120fps. One thing that is definitely missing is the 60fps recording option, even at 1080p. That notwithstanding, we still get some high quality videos with the G4.

Overall, I would say that other than the lack of the 60fps recording option, the Camera package is arguably the best in the business at the moment . So, if its a camera phone you need, the G4 is the right choice. You can definitely argue that the Galaxy lineup has a better camera setup, but little things like the improved Dynamic range give the G4 a slight edge here.


Memory and Platform

One of the most important things for the average smartphone user today is the memory available in the device, more so in the flagships. If you look at the current trend, you will notice that flagships these days don’t come with the MicroSD card feature, which is a deal breaker considering the amount of money people put into smartphones these days. Thats where the LG G4 capitalises. With 32 GB of in built memory and the memory expansion option going all the way to 128GB, this is one smartphone that features cheap memory expansion, which should come as definite good news.Another thing that performance enthusiasts look at these days is how capable the smartphone is when it comes to multi tasking. While the G4 may not have 4Gb of RAM like the recently launched Zenfone 2, it still rocks the multi tasking segment with a solid 3GB of RAM. So , when you couple 32 GB of in built memory with upto 128 GB of memory expansion and 3 GB of RAM, you get a device that has been fully primed to cause ripples in the smartphone  market. The Cherry on the top however, is the fact that the device runs Android 5.1 Lollipop, which is the latest on the block at the moment, and when you look at the hardware and software specifications of the G4, you can be rest assured that you will be awarded with future OS upgrades as well.Overall, there is nothing you can complain about in this department, as you have everything you would ever need when it comes to the Memory, RAM and of course, OS.



Finally, we have the battery. The LG G4 comes with a strong 3000 mAh battery, which, in today’s world, is a lot of juice for a flagship. The features in today’s phones are increasing everyday, and its only apt that the company gives their flagships enough battery life to help the device go through all its tasks with ease.
While LG did go for some really bold changes in the rest of the devices, this is by far the best decision that they have taken. How?Take for example, the extremely powerful Samsung Galaxy S6. It has every single feature in the books and more, but the one thing it clearly lacks is a decent battery. At 2550 mAh, one really wonders how long the phone can pull before giving in, which is why you see many S6 users move around with either a portable charger , or the wireless charging pad. In case of the LG G4 however, its a whole different story. Some might say that even 3000 mAh is not enough to power a true flagship , but it is surely more than what its rival can pull off, so that mater can be closed. When we come to the actual performance of this battery, we let the numbers do the talking.But before we get into the G4’s battery figures, its interesting to note that LG has stuck to the same battery through three of its flagships in  a row, namely , the G2, G3 and now, the G4. While the G2 was the undisputed king of Battery life in its day, the G3 just couldn’t give the user its absolute best with the same battery. So, if you carry on the trend to the G4, you will notice that you might be in for a hassle as well with the battery. Battery Tests show that the G4 can do 16 h of 3G, 8 h of Web Browsing, and 7.5 h of Video playback. Sure, it may not seem like much, but its the price every user must pay in case he/she goes for this device. Don’t worry though, you are not alone in this plight, because as it turns out, every major player in the smartphone market is facing the same problem regarding the battery life.Overall, I would say that while the battery may not sound like much, it is what you are going to have to stick to. Of course, you could go in for one of those higher rated batteries made by out of market players, but do so at your own risk.