lexus lbx

Lexus Drops a Luxe City Gem: Is the LBX Your Urban Nirvana?

Where City Smarts Meet Luxury Comfort

Lexus is diving headfirst into the city car scene with the LBX, a nifty little number designed exclusively for the European crowd. Now, this ain’t your usual compliance car – it’s got a purpose, a personality, not just a fancy badge swap. Taking cues from the Toyota Yaris Cross but dialing up the refinement, Lexus is on a mission to make city driving a luxurious affair.

Pop the hood, and you’ll find a 1.5-liter, three-cylinder VVT-iE engine cozying up with a bi-polar Nickel Metal Hydride battery, promising a hybrid system with a kick, claiming to rival the acceleration of a battery electric vehicle. It may not out-EV an EV, but in the city hustle, the LBX struts its stuff, zipping through tight spots and corners like a pro. Yet, hit the open road, and you might catch the engine throwing a little tantrum.