EV Shake-Up: Price Drops, Model Exits, and Costco Discounts!

EV Shake-Up: Price Drops, Model Exits, and Costco Discounts!

General Motors, normally cruising down the affordable EV lane with the Chevy Bolt priced at a cool $26,500, suddenly slammed the brakes on its production. A bit unexpected, right? Now, this move created a bit of elbow room for the 2024 Nissan Leaf, which starts at $28,140. Talk about a plot twist!

Ford decided to throw some punches in the pricing game. First, they slashed the all-electric Mustang Mach-E by up to $4,000 in May. Then, in a bold move, they dropped the price of the F-150 Lightning by a whopping $10,000 in July. Someone’s playing hardball!

Stellantis, not wanting to be left out of the party, spilled the beans about a new Fiat-branded EV hitting Europe in July 2024, priced at around $27,390. Plus, they’ve got the Citroën e-C3 electric car making its entrance in early 2024, expected to slide in under $27,900.

Tesla, the maverick of the EV scene, hit a speed bump with lower-than-expected deliveries in Q3. Quick on their feet, they chopped down the prices of the Model 3 and Model Y in October. Well, word on the street is they’re about to lose those sweet U.S. federal tax credits in 2024. To spice things up, they teamed up with Uber, offering drivers discounts ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 on Model 3 or Model Y purchases, but there’s a catch—it’s gotta happen by December 31.

GM’s Chevrolet, not wanting to be outdone, is throwing Costco members a lifeline with a $1,000 discount on the Chevy Blazer EV. Costco’s Auto Program, launched on December 15, extends the love to other EVs like Volvo’s C49 Recharge crossover, XC40 Recharge SUV, and the Polestar 2 EV. Eligible Costco members need to register, flash the certificate at the dealership, and roll out with their new ride by January 2, 2024.