Leatherface's Fate in Dead by Daylight Uncertain as Rumors Swirl

Leatherface’s Fate in Dead by Daylight Uncertain as Rumors Swirl

According to information discovered on Dead by Daylight’s Public Test Build (PTB), Leatherface, the renowned murderer from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, will be departing the game shortly. Dead by Daylight may be compelled to remove Leatherface from its shop in the near future, as it was with its Stranger Things licence in November 2021.

Being first identified in September 2017, Leatherface is one of Dead by Daylight’s older murderers. The murderer, who has grown famed over the years for his ability to pull people out of the game at any time by camping, has a love-hate relationship with the players. Despite having a very restricted number of cosmetics available owing to being a licenced character, some Leatherface cosmetics have been deleted from Dead by Daylight over the past year, and it now seems that the whole murderer may be removed from the shop.