Leaked Information Confirms Detachable Disc Drive for New PS5 Model

Leaked Information Confirms Detachable Disc Drive for New PS5 Model

The PlayStation 5’s next version, which might replace current SKUs later this year, has received new information through a leak. Rumours of a significant imminent PS5 update have been circulating for some time. According to new leaks, the console may be released sooner than predicted. The new PS5 will not be a PS5 Pro or a more powerful computer, but it does feature certain major distinctions that prospective PS5 customers should be aware of.

There are now two versions of the PlayStation 5: the standard PS5 hardware and the PS5 Digital Edition. The PS5 Digital Edition does not have a disc drive. Between these two versions, there are three chassis (CFI-1000, 1100, and 1200) with different heatsinks, fans, and even a new motherboard for the most recent iteration. Essentially, Sony has enhanced the PS5’s design year after year.



According to the reports, in September 2022 that the PS5 would get yet another update in 2023 with what’s known as the D chassis. This PS5 is advertised as having “nearly similar hardware” to contemporary PS5s, with one noteworthy exception. Instead of disc-based and digital variants, the new PS5 will provide a single model with an optional detachable and portable disc drive that connects through a new USB-C connector on the rear of the system.

Henderson’s most recent post also alleges that prototypes of the forthcoming PS5 are already in the hands of Sony developers. However, it will not be sent to game developers since there are no hardware modifications that would need testing. Games under development will work precisely the same on the new PS5 as they have on previous generations of the device.

In terms of when this new PS5 will be released, Sony expects to manufacture 18.5 million units in FY 2023, in addition to 12 million units of the existing PS5 models. In other words, Sony will gradually phase out older PS5 consoles in favour of the new D-chassis system. Keep in mind that Sony has only supplied around 22 million PS5s so far, indicating that the latest version of the platform will get a significant push going ahead.

The next PS5 is expected to be released “around September 2023,” according to Insider Gaming’s sources. Outside of a removable disc drive, the new platform’s hardware is claimed to be very similar to existing PS5 versions. There’s no need to wait unless you’re interested in prospective PS5 visual modifications.