Lando Norris 'doesn't understand' FIA's penalty for 'unsportsmanlike behaviour'

Lando Norris ‘doesn’t understand’ FIA’s penalty for ‘unsportsmanlike behaviour’

Lando Norris has expressed his confusion and dissatisfaction with the five-second penalty imposed on him during the Canadian Grand Prix for what the FIA deemed to be unsportsmanlike behavior. The McLaren driver fell behind his teammate Oscar Piastri during the race under Safety Car conditions, which prompted the penalty.

McLaren later executed a double-stack pit stop, a strategy in which both drivers are serviced in quick succession. This proved beneficial for Norris, as he didn’t have to wait long for his turn, unlike Piastri. Ultimately, Norris crossed the finish line in ninth place. However, the five-second penalty added to his race time caused him to drop to 13th position in the final classification.