Kia Teases Lineup of Upcoming Electric Vehicles in Anticipation of Future EV Vision Event

Kia to Reveal EV5, Potential EV3, Large Family-Sized EV9, and More at Upcoming Event in Korea

Kia has unveiled a teaser image in anticipation of its upcoming Future EV Vision event, set to be held in Yeoju, Korea next week. In the teaser image, five distinct models are showcased, providing a sneak peek into Kia’s electrified future.

Among the featured models, the EV6, which is currently available for sale, is easily recognizable. Also making an appearance is the eagerly anticipated EV9, positioned as a flagship electric SUV capable of accommodating seven passengers.

In the center of the teaser, there’s a glimpse of the EV5, a model that has already been introduced in preliminary forms. The EV5 is expected to offer a similar design and style to the larger EV9 but in a more compact package. This model is set to compete with SUVs like Ford’s Explorer, particularly in North American markets. More detailed specifications for the EV5 are expected to be disclosed at the event.