Fitbit's AI Chatbot Aims to Revolutionize Workout Feedback

Fitbit’s AI Chatbot Aims to Revolutionize Workout Feedback

AI Chatbot by Fitbit to Provide Detailed Post-Workout Analysis

During Google’s recent Pixel 8 event, which showcased a range of new technologies, including the upcoming Google Pixel 2 Watch and Fitbit Charge 6, Fitbit introduced a new line of features known as Fitbit Labs. These innovations are expected to be integrated into the Fitbit app in 2024, offering users a deeper understanding of their workout performances through the power of generative artificial intelligence.

One of the highlights of this development is the introduction of an AI chatbot within the Fitbit app. This chatbot will engage users in conversations to help them comprehend the factors contributing to the success or challenges faced during a workout, whether it’s a run, swim, cycle, or other forms of exercise.

The technology is designed to provide post-workout debriefs, offering insights into performance metrics such as maximum heart rate and average pace, comparing these with previously logged activities. It will enable users to track their progress and understand their fitness journey better.