'Kerbal Space Program 2' will be released on February 24th

‘Kerbal Space Program 2’ will be released on February 24th

Kerbal Space Program 2 is almost three years late, but if you don’t mind a few rough edges, it’s almost here. Private Division has announced that the sequel to its rocket-building game will be available as an Early Access release on February 24th through Steam, the Epic Games Store, and other online stores. The new title offers a slew of material and feature improvements, but its largest improvement may be in usability – this might be worth a try if you were turned off by the original’s steep learning curve.

KSP2 contains “completely overhauled” vehicle assembly and flying interfaces that, according to the creators, are more welcoming to newcomers while maintaining the challenge. Newcomers will also see instructional animations. With a revised movement planner and a more useable time warp (which is now available when speeding), the game should be less daunting, as well as less boring on lengthy voyages.

The scope will be substantially bigger regardless of your skill level. New locations with more complex atmospheres and geography, as well as new spaceflight technology with customizable components, will be included in the first release. Much more will be revealed later. KSP2 will finally include interstellar travel, as well as the ability to establish colonies with dwellings and space stations. Multiplayer is also planned for pals who wish to collaborate on space exploration or outdo one other’s accomplishments.

The new game will only be accessible on PC during Early Access, and it’s unclear when the full product will be released. If you’re a console lover or just want a finished product, you could be in for a long(er) wait. The initial Kerbal Space Program took four years to leave its pre-release phase.

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