Keeping your technology organised: Some top tips
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Keeping your technology organised: Some top tips

To keep it all in place, it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Simply doing things like keeping your cables together or making a little room for your biggest and most expensive appliances can make your living room, office or games room look much tidier and less complicated to find what is plugged in where. Here are four top tips for keeping your tech in check:

Cable organisation solutions

The prospect of having to find your way through a tangled mess of cables when you need to unplug your PC or laptop is not something to look forward to. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can keep them from intertwining. You could get some cable ties to bind them together, some clips or even a desk with a hole to accommodate wires. Cable management is very useful for any business.

Clean up your desktop

If your desktop is cluttered with icons for documents, folders and programs that never get used, then it might be time for a clean-up. Sorting out your desktop can be time-consuming, but a program such as Fences might help to save you from this painstaking process. A tidy desktop is a happy desktop!

Accurate labeling

Having labels for all your most important pieces of tech is handy, but not just for finding them if they get lost in the office. Asset labels are effective for security purposes too and are also surprisingly versatile. They can be used for computers, laptops, servers, printers, scanners, photocopiers, and even pieces of office furniture. Furthermore, a recent survey conducted by showed that a huge percentage of employees would be put off taken something that didn’t belong to them provided that it had an adequate asset label.

Simplify your chargers

There’s a strong likelihood that each appliance you have – smartphone, tablet, digital camera, laptop – will have its own charger. Having one for all of these devices such as a docking station can cut down on clutter in your home/office, while it can also put an end to the panic that arises whenever you think you’ve lost your charger for your phone!