Keanu Reeves returns for more supernatural detective work in the sequel to Constantine

Keanu Reeves returns for more supernatural detective work in the sequel to Constantine

John Constantine’s demonic detective job is far from ended. According to rumours, Keanu Reeves will reprise his role as the eponymous demonologist and exorcist in a sequel to the 2005 thriller Constantine.

Warner Bros. is working on a sequel, which will reunite writer Akiva Goldsman and filmmaker Francis Lawrence, who made his start with Constantine but has since gone on to produce films such as The Hunger Games and I Am Legend. J.J. Abrams and Hannah Minghella will co-produce the picture with Goldsman’s Weed Road Pictures.

Other incarnations of the DC comic book character Constantine have since featured in NBC’s 2014-2015 adaptation and, most recently, in Netflix’s The Sandman, but this marks Reeves’ return to the role after nearly two decades. A Constantine spinoff series created by Abrams was also slated to premiere on HBO Max, but sources tell Deadline and Variety that it has been shelved after two years of production. The series, which was supposed to closely follow the Hellblazer comic from whence Constantine comes, is yet another victim of Warner Bros.’ merger with Discovery.

But that’s not all; according to sources, Madame X, a programme based on DC’s Madame Xanadu, has now joined the expanding list of cancelled HBO Max adaptations. Warner Bros. shelved Batgirl in August, saying the picture was “irredeemable,” although this was most likely simply a tactic for the corporation to save money. If you were looking forward to the Constantine and Madame X shows, Warner Bros. is sure that they will be picked up by another network, so all is not lost.

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