Ivory, a new Mastodon app for the iPhone and iPad, is released by Tweetbot's creator

Ivory, a new Mastodon app for the iPhone and iPad, is released by Tweetbot’s creator

Tapbots, the firm behind the successful Twitter client Tweetbot, has announced Ivory, a Mastodon consumer app for iPhone and iPad. Ivory is now under “early access,” which means it is generally accessible but lacks certain functionality. For example, there is no Mac version of the programme now accessible and no indication of when one will be released.

Despite its early access status, Ivory already offers certain distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from its competition. The software has “inline post action buttons” as well as the option to “generate content warning posts.” Tapbots also intends to add new features to the app “in no particular sequence.”

Ivory is available for download from the iOS App Store and has a monthly membership charge of $1.99 or a yearly fee of $14.99. Users may also use the app for free for one week before committing to a subscription.

Ivory’s release follows Twitter’s announcement that it will be terminating third-party Twitter clients such as Tweetbot. In reaction to this revelation, Tapbots said that Tweetbot will be phased off practically immediately.

Overall, Ivory is a fresh new initiative from Tapbots that tries to fill the void created by the demise of third-party Twitter clients. The software is still in early access, but with additional features on the way, it’s worth keeping an eye on. If you want to test Ivory, you can find out more about it and download it at the Tapbots website.

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