One of the most trending movements in the world today is the power bank network. The ability to charge your smartphone on the go using a rental power bank has caught on with the public and thanks to the brainchild of two brothers, Kamal and Ayham, who introduced a solution to a common problem we all face today (running out of mobile charge when you need it the most), ISTEELBOX, the UAE’s first smart sharing power bank network system has arrived.


ISTEELBOX launches in the UAE


ISTEELBOX is a convenient, user-friendly, and very affordable on-the-go mobile charging solution that costs only AED 5 per hour. A deposit of AED 50 will also be required, and this amount is returned to customers once the device is returned to their preferred location.

“We are absolutely delighted with the launch of ISTEELBOX in the UAE. It is a very popular concept in the Far East, and we decided to introduce it for the first time in the region. People continue to spend a lot of time on their mobile phones daily whether it is for searching for information, social media, connecting for business or with family and friends and even for gaming so our solution will simply help them stay connected”, states Kamal Kachko, Executive Director, ISTEELBOX.

The ISTEELBOX stations are currently located at City Centre Deira, City Centre Mirdif, and Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. Customers are required to download the APP from Google Play or the App Store, follow a few simple steps and their power bank will be ready to use.

ISTEELBOX will also soon be at The Dubai Mall with more exciting locations to be announced soon. ISTEELBOX is ideal for cafes, restaurants, convenience stores, shopping malls, cinemas, beaches, theme parks, live events, and much more.

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“What makes ISTEELBOX convenient is the fact that you can pick up a power bank while shopping at Mall of the Emirates, for example, and use it throughout the day and later drop it off to any of our other stations,” explains Kachko.

ISTEELBOX is also available in the United States, Spain, China, and will soon be rolled out in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.