iOS devices will soon get the 2021 remake of "Myst."

iOS devices will soon get the 2021 remake of “Myst.”

The best-selling game of the twentieth century is returning to iOS. Just in time for Myst’s 30th anniversary this autumn, Cyan Worlds revealed this week that the latest 2021 remake of the iconic point-and-click adventure game will be available for iPhones and iPads. The port will support devices with Apple’s A12 Bionic chipset or later, which means you can play the game on an iPhone XR or third-generation iPad Air.



According to The Verge, this is not Myst’s first debut on mobile devices. In fact, the Legacy edition is now available for $5. Nonetheless, the 2021 rerelease offers a major improvement over what was previously accessible on phones and tablets. In addition to vastly improved aesthetics, the remake includes updated audio files and an optional puzzle randomization feature that may assist Myst veterans to feel like they’re playing a new game. The updated version will be available for free download and will enable you to explore the game’s initial locale. If you want to complete the experience, you’ll need to purchase the full $15 edition. Cyan has not officially declared release date, but we expect the company to do so soon.