iOS 16.2 Function Removed in Update to be Restored with 'Version 2' in Upcoming Release

iOS 16.2 Function Removed in Update to be Restored with ‘Version 2’ in Upcoming Release

Apple withdrew one of iOS 16’s most significant alternatives in December, the brand new Home structure, which was envisioned to be “more stable and efficient.” According to a mention found in iOS 16.3, Apple has discarded the original model and will soon be releasing a new one.

The unique Home structure was “a buggy failure,” according to Nicolas Alvarez and AppleDB Contributor Aaron on Twitter, and has been completely redesigned. References to “hh2ManualMigrationV2Enabled” have been found in iOS 16.3 to replace the previous “hh2ManualMigrationEnabled”.

Although Apple has claimed that users who already upgraded “are unaffected” by the removal of the enhance option, those who previously updated will likely need to reinstall the new version when it becomes available. Soon after, a help doc emerged, indicating that the improve options had been “temporarily deleted” and that the option to improve would “return soon.”

The problem, according to Apple, is “the ability for users to share the Home inside the Home app,” but the switch to a new model shows there were deeper concerns. Customers complained of the app being stuck and devices not responding before Apple removed the update.

Although the Home structure had been included in the second beta, the iOS 16.3 update that came out on Monday did not include it. However, the code strings indicate that development is well along, and it might appear at any time in an iOS 16.3.1 update or an update to the Home app.