Introducing TweetDeck Teams?

Introducing TweetDeck Teams?

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Earlier this week, Twitter introduced TweetDeck Teams, a simple way to share access to your Twitter accounts without sharing passwords. The feature has started to roll out on TweetDeck for web, Chrome and Windows. TweetDeck Teams is a simple solution to Twitter account sharing. It enables you to delegate access to as many people as you like, and remove accounts when they no longer need access. In order to use this new feature, you must log in to TweetDeck with your Twitter account. If you are still using a legacy TweetDeck account, it’s time to switch over!

One of the really interesting features about TweetDeck Teams is that it has two types of roles: admin and contributor. As the person who knows the password, you can still Tweet from the account, add or remove team members, view the team and access the account from non-TweetDeck platforms (e.g.,, Twitter mobile apps). You can also update the account’s credentials or password.

Admins are users who sign in to TweetDeck with their personal account. As an admin, the user can Tweet from the account (plus build lists, follow or unfollow accounts, send Tweets and schedule Tweets), add or remove team members and view the team. An admin cannot access the account off of TweetDeck or change the credentials or password and contributors are those people who can Tweet from and act as the account (plus build lists, follow or unfollow accounts, send Tweets and schedule Tweets). Contributors cannot view, add or remove team members, and cannot access the account outside of TweetDeck.

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