Intel's RTX 3060 rival costs just $289

Intel’s RTX 3060 rival costs just $289

Intel startled PC gamers earlier this week by selling its top Arc A770 GPU at $329, matching Nvidia’s retail price for the RTX 3060. While finding an RTX 3060 for $329 is still challenging, Intel is now undercutting Nvidia’s popular GPU with a $289 starting price for its A750, a card it says can compete with the RTX 3060.

We’re still waiting for impartial Arc A750 evaluations, although Intel did share 48 benchmarks last month that showed it should be able to top or come close to Nvidia’s RTX 3060 performance in recent games. Intel pitted the A750 against the RTX 3060 in 42 DirectX 12 games and six Vulkan games, and the results are good.