Intel’s Arrow Lake CPU may be hiding a neat little trick under its sleeve

Intel is hard at work, preparing to launch their next generation Arrow Lake CPUs that are due next year, but the leaks have not stopped coming about its development and features. We now have a new leak about these Arrow Lake CPUs, and this time it is regarding the integrated graphics performance.

Intel integrated graphics have not really been the most popular choice for gamers, and Intel has been trying to change that trend for some time, but have always faced defeat at the hands of competitors AMD and Nvidia. According to the leaks, the Arrow Lake CPU will house the Xe-LPG Plus integrated graphics, which we assume, will be a beefed up version of the Alchemist GPUs that are currently employed in Intel Chips.



This upgrade guarantees better performance compared to the Xe-LPG graphics which come alongside the current Meteor Lake CPUs, but what is interesting is that Intel will be adding XMX support as well. XMX stands for extended matrix extensions, and for those of you who don’t know, this XMX support will ensure that AI workloads will be more performant. This addition will also pair well with XeSS support that is already present in current generation Intel Chips, and as a result, gamers who use laptops that only have integrated graphics will be able to produce better output.

Intel has assured the world that their development schedule is on track and we can expect to see the Arrow Lake powered computers hit the market in 2024, but what we are more interested to see is how much closer the Arrow Lake project will take Intel, in terms of their competitors.