Indian Man's 'Car Copter' Seized by Police for Violating Motor Law After Customization

Indian Man’s ‘Car Copter’ Seized by Police for Violating Motor Law After Customization

A man from Uttar Pradesh, India, transformed his Maruti Suzuki Wagon R into a unique vehicle resembling a helicopter, dubbed the “car copter.” Ishwar Deen, the creator, welded a helicopter’s rotor blade onto the car’s roof and attached a tail boom to the vehicle’s boot. His intention was to rent out the modified car for weddings to earn extra income for his family.

However, Deen’s dream was short-lived as the police seized the ‘car copter’ during a routine traffic stop while he was on his way to a workshop to get it painted. The authorities fined him Rs 2,000 (approximately US$24.07) for violating motor rules and launched an investigation into the matter.



Deen expressed his disappointment over the confiscation, stating that he had worked tirelessly on the vehicle, hoping to use it for weddings during the festive seasons to support his family financially. He argued that similar modified vehicles were operating in other parts of the country without restrictions.

The police defended their actions, citing the Motor Vehicles Act, which requires authorization for vehicle modifications. Vishal Pandey, a police officer, clarified that the ‘car copter’ was seized under Section 207 of the Motor Vehicles Act and further investigations were underway.

Deen invested over Rs 2,50,000 (approximately US$3,008.47) and dedicated over two months to transform his family car into the ‘car copter.’ Despite his efforts, the vehicle was confiscated due to unauthorized modifications, leaving him disheartened and facing legal repercussions.